Revolutionize the learning experience through gamification.

Through the use of experience points, badges, avatars, and leaderboards, Gamified creates an engaging learning experience that motivates students in your digital gamified classroom.

Revolutionize the learning experience through gamification.


A framework for implementing Gamified in your classroom.



Determine how much time it will take to design your gamified, multiplayer classroom. Examine your current classroom structure and compare that to some of the fundamental elements of gamification. Focus on the elements that are most alluring to you, and slowly begin to experiment in your own classroom.

Design Your Theme

Design Your Theme

This is the most important aspect to any well-designed game. Whatever element(s) of gamification you choose to start with, the theme of your game will first need to be established. What story will you tell and how will you captivate your audience?



Now that you have established a course of action and theme for your newly gamified course, you’re ready to start production. When considering this step, you’ll want to focus on preparation, design, and terminology. Create your game on Gamified and share your game code with your students!


Create and manage your own gamified classroom using any device with a web browser.

Create Game

Create Game

After you established a course of action and theme for your newly gamified course, simply login and create a game by clicking 'Games'. You can now create badges and assignments for that game.

Share Code

Share Code

Once your game is created, simply click 'Code' and share your game code with you class. Students can easily join your game by clicking 'Join Game' from the Games page and entering the game code.

Monitor Progress

Monitor Progress

Once students have joined your game they can monitor their progress by viewing their XP, badges, and rank. They will also see a class leaderboard highlighting the avatar name of the top 5 achievers.


What is gamification?

Gamification is a teaching strategy that applies game-based thinking and game mechanics within the classroom serving the purpose of engaging students in different learning experiences.

What purpose does serve in my classroom? is the home for your digital, gamified classroom. It serves as a dynamic classroom leaderboard, trophy case for XP and badges, as well as an arena for you and your students to create and maintain your gamified avatars.

How much does cost? is currently free to beta testing school districts. Please sign up for our beta program by clicking 'Contact' at the top of the page.

Do I have to have a Google account to log in?

Yes, currently we are only using Google authentication for sign-up and login. If you don’t have a Google account yet, here’s an excuse for you to sign up for one.

Where do I find the ‘games’ on

Games are a product of the teacher. Creating ‘games’ for a gamified classroom and through does not entail building an actual game to play. Your class IS the game where your course content becomes the challenge. Quizzes, projects and assignments become the challenges involved in the game that the players (students) must work through. New to the concept of gamification? Check out our ‘Gamification Framework’ that provides an overview with getting started.

Do I have to be a ‘gamer’ to gamify my classroom?

Nope, although it doesn’t hurt if you are one.

What is an avatar?

An avatar is your gaming identify. It represents the gamified version of yourself, and provides anonymity among your students (players). The creation of avatars provides students the opportunity to personally create a version of themself to be used on which helps to promote buy-in and personal attachment, as well as support creativity and individuality. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

Do my students need to have access to technology to gamify my classroom?

Nope, although is doesn’t hurt. Gamification can exist without access to technology or can be based around it completely. It is a very adaptive teaching model.

What are the first steps I should take in gamifying my classroom?

This is completely up to you, as it is going to be different for everyone based on your current classroom setup. Our recommendation is take a look at the ‘Getting Started’ and ‘Ideas for Gamifying My Classroom’ section of our Gamification Framework.

What are XP and badges?

In a gamified learning environment, XP and badges replace traditional letter grades. How you choose to award each of these (grading purposes, extrinsic motivators, etc) is up to the discretion of the teacher. Check out our Gamified Framework for a more detailed overview of these concepts.

Where can I find general resources to help get me started with gamification?

While we are a tad bit biased, we think our Gamification Framework is a great resource to help get you started on your way to full, geek out, gamified classroom status. More resources to come in the future.

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